Spring growing kits for local families

We have created a new growing kit for spring with 6 edible plants to grow and 6 craft activities. We’ll be delivering them this week. We have 75 for those who request them (first come first served). Some have gone to Action for children, social workers, many of the families that come to our Gardening Club.

They contain:

  • Discovery compost bag
  • Onions, peas, carrot, lettuce, radish and sunflower seeds
  • Pea seedling in a pot
  • Labels and oil pastel crayon
  • How to make your own recycled containers and tools
  • Gardening colouring sheet
  • Bird feeder activity with string and bird food
  • Magic lightbox activity with cardboard box
  • Cardboard hopscotch activity
  • Family tree activity
  • Weather vane activity with paper plates and straw and pencil
  • Easter surprises
  • A letter from the team

We’ll be uploading video instructions on how to sow your seeds soon!

Published by manuelagrows

Community garden mentor at the Maxwell Centre

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