Tuesday harvest box

Harvest Tuesday boxes from our Maxwell Centre community garden ready to go!!!!😁🌈
💚Mixed green leaves for soup (spinach, rocket, lettuce) with added onion and potato from Turriffs
💚Lettuce for salad and spring onion and rocket flowers for dressing
💚Coriander grown from seed in a pot
💚Spinach, lettuce and onion greens in a pot!
💚Fresh herbs (sage and thyme)

And some instructions on how to use these, see below…

Thank you for ordering a bag today!

This week, your “Harvest Tuesday” bag contains:

– Lettuce

– Spring onion

– Rocket

– Sage and thyme

– Spinach

– Potatoes and onion

– Edible flowers (rocket)

– Seedlings (coriander, lettuces, spring onion and spinach)

This veg box is perfect if you fancy a fresh salad!

Mix the rocket, spinach and lettuce. Add chopped onions to your dressing and drizzle it with rocket flowers. They have a peppery flavour!

Some leaves are too tough for you? No problem!

You can make a lovely green soup using rocket, spinach, onion and potatoes.

For more flavour, you can add thyme or sage to your soup.

Recipe for 2 bowls


50 g rocket 

50 g fresh spinach

40g unsalted butter

1 small potato

1/2 medium onion

450 ml chicken or veggie stock  


1. In a large saucepan add the butter. Allow to melt on a low heat.

2. Add the spinach and rocket and cook until wilted.

3. Add the onion and potato. Cook for 3-4 minutes until onions soften.

4. Add the stock and turn up the heat to medium to medium-high, until simmering. Cook until potatoes are fork tender.

5. Allow the mixture to cool a bit

6. Pour the soup into a blender or use a liquidizer to puree the soup.  

7. Pour the soup back into the saucepan and warm back up over a low heat before serving.

8.  Serve immediately.  Serve with cream, creme fraiche and/or crusty bread.


Fancy eating leaves differently? Rocket pesto is for you!



50g pine nuts

100g rocket

50g parmesan (or nutritional yeast)

150ml olive oil

1 garlic clove


Add everything in a blender, blen and it’s ready. Add salt/pepper if needed. Keep in the fridge.


Keeping your herbs for later ?

If you use it fresh, wash the herbs with clear water. Keep them in the fridge or in a jar with water.

If you want to dry them, your boiler room will be a good place. You can hang them up to the ceiling or leave them on a plate. Wait a few days before using. Keep them in a sealed jar.

Remember to wash your vegetables before eating them.

We have launched a new blog https://growdundee.blog/. You will find resources about gardening, cooking, DIY and more. Have a look!

The Maxwell Centre Team

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