Amanda and her painted stones: Thank you!

In the growing kits from July we’ve had an idea for one of the activities: painted wooden spoon. Well, it wasn’t really our idea, Amanda inspired us! And here is why.

Amanda had some free time and started to do stone painting. Patience, creativity and focus were needed. One day after an other, she improved her skills, achieved more difficult paintings and started to make lots of them!

We’ve meet Amanda at the centre, after one of the plant swap and it’s when she told us she wanted to support us. “The money raised will go to The Maxwell Centre in the Hilltown Dundee. They have a fabulous Community Garden and offer Monthly Free Growing Kits and Activity Kit to Families and every week they have a Harvest Box.”

She arranged everything and started to sell her painted rocks to “give a little something back”. A little something? After few days, Amanda raised £100 for the Maxwell Centre, inspired us for a great activity and spread her kindness and generosity.

Painting stones or spoons is a relaxing activity which will help you to focus. You can start by painting labels for your garden, faces, rainbows or becoming an expert in Mandala stones.

Once again, big thank you for supporting us.

Published by Nadegegrows

Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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