Eat your flowers!

We love growing and eating our flowers. We have over 60 species of herb flowers, fruit flowers, spicy flowers, veggie flowers of all colours, textures, shapes and sizes at the Maxwell garden this year and hoping to grow more for the next season. We are doing garden “Tour & Tea” events and one is “Edible Flowers in the Garden”. The next one will be on Tuesday the 8th of September to learn how to identify at least 12 edible flowers, the basics for preserving and cooking with them and tasting some flower based tea and cake! (Click on the link for the Facebook page).

Nadege has made a lovely little video from our last event:

Remember to only eat flowers if you are 100% sure of what they are. If in doubt, don’t eat. This is why its such a great idea to grow your edible flowers at home!

There are only a few common garden flowers that are toxic (for example clematis, hydrangea, morning glory, iris, anemone, bluebells, foxgloves, hyacinths…) but many many more that are edible, to add flavour, colour and goodness to your soups, salads, stir fries, in cakes, crystalized, infused, stuffed, in icecream, cocktails, sauces, jams…there are so many ways to have them!

Come and join us for the event or get in touch if you would like to visit us or volunteer. Call 01382802628 or email Manuela on

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Community garden mentor at the Maxwell Centre

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