Fancy a healthy snack easy and fun to make? Spring rolls are a great choice.,

It was a rainy cooking group so we have decided to take it inside and give the barbeque a rest!

Spring rolls are a great healthy snack, easy to make and it will please everyone! It can be gluten free, plant-based, soya free, pescatarian… Choose what to put inside and experiment!

For this cooking session we have used herbs (mint and coriander) and edible flowers from the garden. Flowers will bring more colour than flavour!

What you need:

  • Rice noodles
  • Edible rice paper wrappers
  • Vegetables chopped finely: carrots, cucumbers, avocado
  • Sour sauce, soya sauce, chili flakes …
  • Something crunchy: peanut, cashew nuts.
  • Herbs: coriander, mint, parsley, …
  • Edible flowers if you want to add colour!

Blue/purple: Pansy, Cornflowers – Yellow/orange: Calendula, Broccoli flowers, Red: Nasturtium- White: Coriander, Rocket flowers.

Step 1

Bring some water to boil, remove some heat and add the noodles. Cover, set for 3-4 min and drain

Step 2

Chop all your vegetables and herbs finely. Prepare your edible flower, and clean them is necessary. Remember the rules if foraging or collection flowers: Make sure you have correctly identified the plant, don’t ingest if it has been sprayed, avoid busy road and dog walker paths.

Step 3

Fill a wide bowl with warm water and dip a rice paper wrapper into the water for a few seconds until it softens. Then carefully place it onto your chopping board or plate.

Step 4

Let’s roll! On the soften rice paper wrapper, add flowers, noodles, herbs and vegetables in the middle of the wrap. Add sauce and peanut if you feel like it.

Step 5

To roll it, fold the sides of the wrapper into the centre, over the filling, then fold in the edges, so that the filling is completely encased, then tightly roll. 

Step 6


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