It’s pizza time – Everyone’s kitchen

Today we had an interesting experiment at the cooking group: cooking pizza on a barbeque. Well, you know what? It worked!

Today’s menu was

Pizza with roasted aubergine and homemade tomato sauce

Served with green salad of the garden

Roasted fruits with vanilla.

3 main tasks: marinating the aubergines, preparing the tomato sauce and making the dough.

After harvesting what we needed in the garden, we’ve put our chef’s hat on and started to cook!

  1. Marinating aubergine

Even if the skin is not appealing, the flesh of the aubergine is still good. We’ve sliced it finely, laid them out on a tray and added oil, salt, pepper, herbs. (Note for next time: garlic would have been nice!). Wait until the aubergine are soaked, put them on the barbeque once you have your embers and keep an eye on them.

2. Preparing homemade tomato sauce

We have used one onion (chopped) , thyme and rosemary, 3 garlic cloves, salt and pepper and some olive oil. Heat everything in a sauce pan until the onions are soft. Then add chopped tomato and heat up until you obtain the right consistency.

3. The dough (6 small pizza)

500g white bread flour
7g sachet yeast
2 tbsp olive oil
350ml warm water

Mix everything together and reserve for at least 10 minutes.
Add anything you like on top!
Fillings: mushrooms, rockets, olives, meat, cheese, roasted veg

For our dessert, we have used fruits in can and it was probably too juicy.

Here is the recipe we used:

175g golden caster sugar
1 vanilla pod , split in two
5 cardamom pods
zest and juice 1 lime
6 apricots , halved and stoned
3 peaches , quartered and stoned
3 nectarines , quartered and stoned

Heat oven to 220C/fan 200C/gas 8. Tip the sugar, vanilla pod, cardamom, lime zest and juice into a food processor, then blitz until blended, or mash together using a pestle and mortar. Tip the fruit into a shallow baking dish, then toss in the sludgy sugar.
Roast for 20 mins until the fruits have softened, but not collapsed and the sugar and fruit juices have made a sticky sauce. Any leftovers will keep in the fridge for up to 2 days.

It always good fun to try out new recipes, especially in such good company.

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