Try Nadege’s Red pepper mousse recipe!

Nadege is our Garden assistant and Everyone’s kitchen project worker. She supports the Garden mentor and runs cooking sessions using produces from the garden! Planting and eating go side by side!

She is sharing today a French recipe from her parents: The red pepper mousse.


I came to Dundee to be a French assistant for 10 months, 4 years later I am still enjoying Bonnie Dundee! When I arrived, I took the bus from the airport and I remember being amazed by the quantity of hazel trees and sheep. Despite Brexit being voted on the same year, I felt really welcome

My first night was a couchsurfing and then I met all the other international assistants. It was nice to be surrounded by other people from Day 1 and discover how our new life was going to be like for the next 10 months: opening an account, getting confused with the Dundonian accent and discovering the Highland games!

“I only heard about the Maxwell Centre about 2 year ago. I started to volunteer because it is always great to be outside, to do something with your hands and to learn. But the main reason was to give something back to the community. I have always felt quite lucky in life and being able to take part in something bigger than yourself is amazing.”

What I like the most about the Centre is that it is inclusive. It doesn’t matter what is your background, your income or your religion, everyone is welcome to learn, share, and become more resilient. And from day one, I have always seen everyone happy!

I have a tiny plot at Tayview community garden. This year I have grown potatoes, runner and French beans, some courgettes in pot for the first time, radishes, lettuces and herbs. Indoor, I have quite a few houseplants but it is not my strength!


Today I am sharing a red pepper mousse recipe. It reminds me of a hot day back in France when we have lunch or dinner outside. We are in the shade of plane trees, on a warm day and my mum makes this delicious cold red pepper mousse.
It is a dish I never made before, so we had a good laugh over the phone when I was trying to do it myself! Somehow, it is always better when your mum makes it!

Fun fact, when I mentioned to my dad that it was one of my favourite dishes he claimed that it was actually his recipe! So thank you to both of them!

Ingredients (2 serving)

  • 4-5 peppers very ripe
  • 100g crème fraiche
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of sugar
  • Vegetable oil (optional)

1) Removing the sink

  • If your peppers are ripe, removing the skin shouldn’t be hard. Use a peeler.
  • Otherwise, cut the peppers, remove the seeds, place on a tray and drizzle with vegetable oil. Put in the oven for 20min (180C) or until the skin wilts. Once they are ready, remove the skin. Careful, it is hot!

2) Chop the peppers and put them in a pan with 10cl water, salt and sugar.
3) Put on low heat and cook until the peppers are soft, roughly 25 minutes, less if you have pre cooked them in the oven.
4) Time to put the apron on! Time to blend. Don’t hesitate to sieve and blend again if you have left some skin in it. The taste won’t be any different if you keep the skin on but the texture won’t be as smooth.
5) Let it cool for a few hours.
6) In a bowl, whisk 100g of creme fraiche until it’s all nice and smooth.
7) Add it to the mousse, salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with a fresh salad, as a starter, in verrine or a side.

The main ingredient in this recipe is the red pepper. Of course it can be grown in Scotland in a polytunnel but it belongs to a warmer/ Mediterranean climate. A vegetable I miss from the South of French is wild asparagus. Behind my mother’s house there is a wood called “La Clape” (See picture below) and every Sundays we used to go for a walk. This lovely limestone massif has many things to forage: thyme, rosemary, mushrooms and of course asparagus in Spring time. It is such an unusual vegetable: long and thin, hiding under a conifer. And when you found one, you could be sure you will find more! Wild asparagus are really thin compare to the one you find in the supermarket but they have a strong flavour. We used to wash them with clear water, to chop them, to stir-fry with some oil and mix them in an omelette. Dinner ready!

“I hope people will enjoy this mousse as much as I do and play with flavours by adding smoked paprika or other spices to make this recipe their own.

Photos of Vinassan, small village of the South of France where my family live.

Church – View of the village from la Clape – The old ice house


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