Create your own Kokedama! Kokeda-what?

#Video below
In this activity you are going to learn how to make a Kokedama. It is a Japanese technique to hang plants using moss, twine and soil.

It is a bit messy so even if you want to do a kokedama for an indoor plant, try to be outside!

You need:
-A plant (indoor or outdoor)
-Moss. Easy to find a park. Moss is sometimes growing along the grass. Make sure not to damage the grass!
-Twine (dark green or brown ideally
-50% multi compost, 50% house plant potting. This will depend on the chosen plant! You want good drainage with water retention (using perlite is useful for the soil structure)

– Mix 50% multipurpose compost with 50% house plant potting mix, and water generously.
– Remove any big clump of soil around you plant (make sure not to break the roots) and add your compost mix all around it.
– Take the moss and cover the soil with it. Press firmly.
– Use the twine to tight everything up. Use as much as you need). And make a handle to hang it!

Well done!

Note: Due to the current restrictions, we do not encourage people to go shopping to realise this activity. Preferably, use what you already have in the house/garden.

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