Wonderful winter trail success and thank you to all involved!

It was a joy to hear the squeals of excitement and see so many local families doing our Wonderful Winter Trail. A joint project between How it Felt and the Maxwell Centre, we want to emphasize how grateful we are to the artists who did an amazing job running the workshops, finishing off the animals and setting up with gorgeous lights! Also to the rest of the project team, who got everything to work in a really short time frame. The trail was held over a total of 8 evenings with attendees from the public, local groups and volunteers. Two groups from Rosebank Primary also attended the trail during the day. Due to Covid restrictions, households were allocated time slots using the track and trace system, safely distanced and following a one way system.

The Wonderful Winter Garden Trail was attended by a total of 216 different individuals and the overall feedback was overwhelmingly positive –

The garden is absolutely beautiful. Not gonna lie had a wee tear in my eye! MAGICAL!!!!!!” –Alice

Fantastic, lots of hard work, well done” – Sylvia

Loved the big reveal of the butterfly – Awesome” – Stephanie

People really appreciate being outdoors, fabulous” – Cherie

With no light switch on this year, something to do like this is fantastic – you have done a brilliant job” – Ferdos

Cora had a blast trying to find the names of the bumble bees, the frog was her favourite… so well organised and magical” – Melissa

Find out more about the artists involved and the project in this post.

And LOT’S of photos of the workshops and process:

Thank you to team and artists!

Deborah Chapman

Dannielle Don

Lisa Forbes

Zoe Thomson – Fairy village

Jack Andersen “the Woodman” – Cut out animals based on Deborah’s drawings

Ellen Forbes – Robin

Mhairi Collins – Frog and Snail

Cara Rooney – Bees

Robyn Scanlan – Fox

Manuela De Los Rios – Butterfly

Brogan and Bethan Carlin – Polytunnel “Space”

Rowen Heggie

Thank you to Maxwell volunteers (Mohammed, John, Gisela, Gibby, Farzana, Richard and Pauline, Hussam, Kenny, Frances and many more!) and to Maxwell supporting staff and board members (Alison, Nadege, Jenni, Isobel, Andrew, Murray)

Thank you to Photographer and Film maker – Mark McGreehin

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Community garden mentor at the Maxwell Centre

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