Potato : the star of your kitchen

Of course you can do many things with potatoes. Baked, roasted, puree, stirred fry etc

But it is also a great beauty product thanks to its lifting properties, you can make a snack with the leftovers and finally some DIY stamps and glue.

Looking for some glue?

Everything is ready but you can’t find any glue… No stress, potato to the rescue!

All you need is a potato, a peeler, two mixing bowls and a grater. Check this great video!

Let’s see what we can do with the skin leftovers!

Don’t waste the skin, make some crisps

You will need:

  • Potato skin (from 1kg potato)
  • A bit of oil
  • Salt, paprika and herbs
  • Heat the oven 200C
  • Peal your clean potatoes and put the skin in a mixing bowl.
  • Add your spices and just a tiny bit of oil.
  • Place on a tray and cook for 10-12min, at 200C! (Keep an eye on it whilst cooking)

Perfect for your skin

The starch contained in the potato as lifting effect on our skin.

Finely chop a raw potato and place on your face for 20 minutes. It will also help reducing eye pouch.

DIY Stamps Children must be supervised for this activity.

  • Take your potato and cut it in half.
  • Place a cookie cutter with the shape of your choice, in the potato (Or draw the shape)
  • Using a knife remove a slice of the potato, preserving the design you have made.
  • Put a bit of paint on your stamp and let’s go!

Do you have more ideas? Please share them with us!

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Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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