Hardwood cuttings- Roll technique – Redcurrant bush

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Late autumn to winter is the perfect time to take hardwood cuttings as the plant is dormant.

If you are pruning your favourite bush or tree, why not taking the advantage to get healthy cuttings and propagate them?


  1. First of all, when taking your cuttings make sure your mother plant is healthy and has new growth. This is increase your chance for a good propagation.
  2. When taking cuttings from the mother plant, always cut above a node with an angle (slope). That will avoid rotting.


Roll technique is useful if you don’t have much space or pot.

You will need:

  • Cuttings
  • Cutting compost or mix 50% multipurpose compost,25% perlite, 25% sand.
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Empty compost bag
  • Secateur (clean and sharp)
  • Pencil (for drainage)

Step 1 – Prepare your cuttings

Your cutting should be 20cm long (roughly) and have the thickness of a pen.

When you have your plant material, working from the bottom to the top, make a straight cut below the node, measure roughly 20 cm and cut above the node with an angle.

So your cuttings will have a straight cut at the bottom and a slope cut at the tip.

Option: You can add rooting powder at the bottom.

Left: Angled cut above the node Right: Straight cut below the node

Step 2 – Cut the bag

Once you have all your cuttings ready, take your emply compost bag, open it using a a scissor and make a strip of about 30cm.

Step 3 – Prepare your roll

Place your strip downward (images and text towards you), cover with your cutting compost (3/4).

Your compost bag is black on the outside and will attract heat once the roll is finished.

Place your cuttings 3/4 in the cutting compost and 1/4 (the tip) out of it.

Step 4 – Let’s roll!

Fold the bottom of the bag to cover the bottom of the cuttings and roll. Make sure it’s tight by using twine.

Step 5 – Drainage

With a pencil make some holes at the bottom to allow drainage. Your roll is now ready. It can be placed outside as redcurrant is an outdoor plant. You can also place it in a cold frame for more protection.

Make sure it is not waterlogged and you should have new plants next autumn!

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