Children’s designs – what would they like to see in the Hilltown Park?

It’s going to be REALLY difficult to pick the winners of our Design Competition, which we have run to explore our community’s ideas as part of the Hilltown Community Plaza project (funded by Creative Dundee)!

Over 50 local children have taken part, through their schools (Our Lady’s, Rosebank and Clepington Primary Schools have taken part) or individually. They have designed the park of their dreams, the best park to play in…

The main theme seems to be clear, the need for more equipment or activities for older children as there is only a playpark for toddlers just now. One child, 9 years old said “My bum can’t fit in the swing!

Other popular ideas are a sandpit, high and winding (or double) slides, ponds and water features, wheelchair accessible games, climbing, digging and building things, icecream vans, tree houses, look out or towers to hide in, mazes, decorating trees with lights, archery, go karts, a box with sport stuff, skate park, dog park, a path that looks like water, toilets, bins, more seating areas (loose chairs, round seating for groups, benches where all suggested) and lots of flowers, trees of all shapes and wildlife (bees and birds!), some said “I want to eat off the trees and have a picnic“. Many mentioned a colourful park “I don’t like grey” said one young person.

We are impressed by the variety of techniques used (crayons, pencils, pens, black and white and colour, paper and computer), how expressive and rich the designs were and how each child has been able to visualise and imagine a better park to play in. One participant, 4 years old, suggested: “a big fire truck in the middle of the park for all the boys and girls to play on, there should be a ladder for climbing.  And a REAL water hose with a REAL water tank to spray everywhere.  The grass is the pretend fire and the boys and girls can put it out with the REAL WATER! The wheels can spin around if you turn a knob. You need four people to turn all the wheels.” We are very grateful for you all for taking part and next week we’ll be announcing the 12 winners.

Here are the participants designs and some highlights:

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