Spring salad with edible weeds and tiffin – Everyone’s kitchen from home

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Going around the garden to get edible weeds is so satisfying!

On top of getting to know how a herb feels, smells and tastes, you get yourself a healthy, free and fresh salad for your lunch.

For this salad (mixed with some herbs!), we got: Mizuna, Chives, Dandelion leaves, Chickweed, Hairy bittercress, Claytonia, Spinach

Fresh salad with homemade vinaigrette

Ingredients x2
Green leaves
2 carrots
3 tomatoes
Sweet corn
Quick vinaigrette

Wash and rinse your leaves
Prepare your vinaigrette in a bowl: some oil, a bit of mustard (to taste) and chopped chives
Grate some carrots, chop your tomatoes, drain your sweet corn.
Place your leaves, your vegetables and drizzle some vinaigrette on top. The garden is in your plate!

Serve it on its own, with vegetables or as a side with a vegetarian Shepperd’s pie (left)!


Ingredients x5 squares
125g Digestive biscuits
55g Vegan Butter
30ml Golden Syrup
1 Tbsp Sugar
Optional: 10g Cocoa Powder
Optional: 50g Raisins, seeds
100g Vegan Dark Chocolate

Crush digestive biscuits by placing them into a ziplock bag and rolling over them with a rolling pin or pestle so that they are crumbly but still have some chunks remaining.
Then add the vegan butter, golden syrup, brown sugar and cocoa powder to a pot or saucepan.
Heat up stirring gently until it melts into a thick hot chocolate sauce.
Turn off the heat and add the crushed shortbread and the raisins. Stir so that everything is well covered in chocolate.
Pour out into a parchment on a tray and smooth down with a spoon.
melt the chocolate in the microwave by heating for 30 second intervals and then stirring until it’s completely melted. Pour over the top of the tiffin base and smooth down with the back of a spoon.
Place into the fridge and allow to set completely before slicing into squares.

Note: If going foraging, avoid certain areas (near a busy road, sprayed field, private properties, …). It is illegal to uproot a plant. You need to be 100% sure you know the plant!

Well done again to the chefs!! Ian, Fiona G and Fiona M, Frances and Ula!

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