Make a recycled self-watering pot

We are delighted that this experiment worked so well. We made some SELF WATERING POTS which are great to start off some seeds on your window sills.

Here is how to make them:


*Empty used plastic bottle

*Short piece of string

*Craft knife or scissors

*Something to make hole in bottle lid (I used a drill)

*Soil and seeds ( tomatoes or chilli peppers for example)


1. Cut bottle in half and make small hole on lid.

2. Thread the string through the hole and make a knot in the inside so it doesn’t slide out. Make sure you leave at least an inch on each side so string will be in contact with water AND soil. I doubled up the string just to see if that works best but can be a single piece of string.

3. Place the upper part (filled with soil) with the lid on, upside down on top of lower part (half way full of water).

4. Sow your seeds and water.

After this you just need to make sure there is always water in touch with the string, so check every few days. We didn’t do this but filled up with quite a lot of water, enough in fact to keep these seedlings happy for two months…broad beans are very forgiving!

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Community garden mentor at the Maxwell Centre

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