First harvest box of the season!

At the Maxwell community garden we grow food for anyone who would like to try it, our HARVEST BOXES will be every two weeks this year as the schools and groups are back so we have less growing space. But we’ll still be surprising you with boxes of colour and joy, all grown by organic methods by our community. Our boxes are more about quality than quantity as we want as many people as possible to enjoy a box once in a while.

The first harvest boxes of 2021 includes 21 different edibles: rhubarb, sprouting purple broccoli, kale, leek, miner’s lettuce, rocket, mizuna, beetroot leaves, spinach leaves, wild garlic, radicchio (a type of endives), lettuce, chives, catmint, spicy oregano, curled parsley, brassica flowers, cowslips, forget-me-nots and dandelion flowers, wild garlic and chive flowers and tulip petals.

Our lovely garden volunteers help us harvest and prepare the boxes very often, sometimes we get little helper like Sophia with her Nanny Farzana too!

Some of the gorgeous recipes we are suggesting – we are sending you the link to these – (these don’t include any expensive ingredients you couldn’t replace for something more affordable) are:


  1. Tulip canapes with cream cheese (I adapted this recipe adding chopped wild garlic, chives and brassica flowers and then sprinkling forget-me-nots, garlic and chive flowers and buds on top)

Tasty Tulip Ideas (

  • Lettuce and leek soup (add curly parsley garnish)

Lettuce Soup Recipe – A delicious way to eat your greens! (

  • Mackerel filled radicchio leaves with chives

  • Purple broccoli sprout and kale gratin (add spicy oregano)

  • Miner’s lettuce, (add also mizuna, beetroot, spinach leaves salad with roasted nuts)

  • Dandelion cupcakes (decorate with little cowslip flowers)

Dandelion Cupcakes (

  • Rhubarb puffs with oat topping

Nettle and wild garlic soup, and Rhubarb puffs with oaty toppings! – Everyone’s kitchen – Grow Dundee

  • Catmint tea

IMPORTANT: If you have any health issues, or you are cooking for pregnant women or for very young children you need to be careful when introducing any new foods such as flowers to your diet

Please note that only the petals should be eaten for larger flowers like tulip, small ones like forget-me-nots can be eaten whole (not the stems though!) For chive, brassica and wild garlic flowers you can also eat the stem!

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Community garden mentor at the Maxwell Centre

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