Harvest box #4 – Recipe ideas

Lots of new things in this week ! Red and black currants, celery flowers, sweet basil, radish leaves and carrots! You will also find an indoor plant: Swedish Ivy (not edible!)

  • Mixed salad leaves & Nasturtium leaves, with broad beans and peas! Perfect for a fresh salad with some cushiness. Did you know ? You can even make broad bean pod fritter. No waste at all! don’t forget to grate your tiny carrots to add some colours. Use the leaves in soup, pesto or even sauteed.

  • For dessert, you can have your currants and strawberries on their own or maybe maybe small tarts using your chocolate mint as well?

  • Nasturtium, coriander and celery flowers are “savoury” they will be great on your salad or used in savoury waffles for example!

  • For your cornflower, calendula and alyssum, why not trying this shortbread recipe with pressed edible flowers?

  • Yarrow, fennel and feverfew are your medicinal herbs of the week. Yarrow can be used dry or fresh and is know for restoring the skin, reducing fever and cramps. Fennel is also good for the skin, to reduce anaemia and it smells amazing! Finally Feverfew is your best friend if you have headache.

  • Herb of the week is sage (purple or variegated). You can have it as a tea, fried or crispy, added to a soup or roasted mushroom, … So many possibilities!

  • We didn’t prick the radishes on time and we ended up with leaves only. Not a problem, radish leaves are very good added to your soup or made as a pesto. If you are not too sure about the taste, add some sweet basil in it as well.

Flowers shouldn’t be eaten if you are pregnant, young child, vulnerable or allergic to it. We don’t use chemicals, so you might find some intruders in your harvest box! Wash your vegetables and flowers before eating them.

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Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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