Harvest box #5 – recipe ideas

Harvest box is back this week with some novelties!

  • Try a detox smoothie with your coriander and kale! Don’t forget to add your radish leaves, it is never too green!
  • For your salad of the day, you have some lettuce, rocket and rocket flowers. Look how the flowers are delicate! They look like wings! Use the chives to make a Fresh chives/spring onion vinaigrette. Tips: Add half a tsp of mustard in your homemade dressing to bring more flavour.
  • The broad beans can be added to your salad, and you can even make Broad beans pod fritters if you don’t like wasting food!
  • Scented geranium is half hardy annual with pretty flower and incredible scent! You dry the leaves and make scented sachets to use in your cupboard or as tea. It is also possible to use in cold drink such as lemonade or in cakes! Possibilities are endless!
  • Talking about treating yourself, raspberries leaves is known to be the woman’s herb. Raspberry leaves tea doesn’t have much flavour so you can add some lemon, honey of scented geranium to it!
  • The medicinal herb this week, is St John wort. The flowers are like yellow little stars! It can be used to release pain of bruise and bumps but make infused oil.
  • For the sage you have so many options! Why not trying a sage flavoured butter or add sage in your tomato sauce when making pasta dish or pizza.
  • Tomatillo is a an unusual vegetables with its green husk and green colour! These tomatillos are unripe (soon we will have ripe ones!!) but you can still cooking with them: try the tomatillo sauce! Note: tomatoes and tomatillos do not have the same flavour.
  • Harvest of the day for the berries with great little helper (see pictures below): black currant, wild strawberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries if you are lucky!

Flowers shouldn’t be eaten if you are pregnant, young child, vulnerable or allergic to it. We don’t use chemicals, so you might find some intruders in your harvest box! Wash your vegetables and flowers before eating them.

Published by Nadegegrows

Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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