Harvest box #6- recipe ideas

What a pleasure to have The Beechgrove garden filming at the Centre today! Novelty in your boxes: gooseberry and potatoes!

  • For a change, use your rocket to make a yummy pesto to spread on a bruschetta or on your pasta!
  • Try the tomato basil Gnocchi soup! Use the sweet basil, potato and enjoy this unusual meal. Don’t forget to add you radish leaves in it :).
  • If you have already made gnocchi, roast the potatoes with your rosemary!
  • A fresh salad with lettuce, some of your rocket if you haven’t used it all for the pesto, tomatoes, the small broad beans and radishes. Always add colours with your edible flowers.
  • You can included your rhubarb in a sweet and sour recipe: Pork chops with rhubarb & grains
  • Keep your feverfew near by in case you have a migraine! Boil some water, brew it and enjoy
  • Fennel brings an anise taste to all your dishes: sprinkled on a salad, roasted with your fish, brewed in a lovely cup of tea!
  • Treat yourself with some redcurrant muffins!!
  • You can eat your gooseberries as it is or try a Gooseberry and custard pie recipe
  • After using your rosemary and sage for roasting your potatoes you might be left with a surplus. Try a homemade cordial for a refreshing drink.
  • Chives will make a great supplement to a vinaigrette!
  • Throw some radish seed pods into your salad, stir fry, or just eat as a snack!
  • Calendula, borage and cornflower will bring great colours to your meals, or drink. Only use the petals. If you fancy something a bit different, enjoy a granola with lemon yogurt and edibles flowers.

Flowers shouldn’t be eaten if you are pregnant, young child, vulnerable or allergic to it. We don’t use chemicals, so you might find some intruders in your harvest box! Wash your vegetables and flowers before eating them.

Published by Nadegegrows

Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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