Harvest box #7 – Recipe ideas

Lots of different kind of legumes in this box: Yellow beans, runner beans, broad beans and peas. The yellow beans have been grown by the kids and harvested by Jessica! Well done.

For the first time this year, your harvest box has yellow beans! Nice recipe with dill and parsley: yellow beans with dill and parsle

The curry plant flowers smell stronger than they taste. Also you can cook with it used as a herb, it is generally used in tea and for skin treatment.

Lavender has so many properties and can be use din many ways: dried and put in your cupboard, as a tea, made into an infused oil, and more!

Your side salad is going to be colourful and crunchy: get your rocket and lettuce, add some petal of edible flowers, and chives flower for an amazing garlicky taste. Don’t forget your tiny tomato!

If your radishes are bolting, you can still collect the seed pods to eat raw or to pickle.

Added to a cold drink, a tea or made into a pesto, Mint offer many options. If you want to try something new, make some chocolate dipped mint leaves!

If you have some eggs in your friend, enjoy an omelette with runner beans and a side salad.

Still with a few eggs, get your broad beans and peas and turn them into a lovely Shakshuka

We had lots of currants this year and they look huge! Hope you will enjoy this Fruit slice recipe (also know as Fly cemetery).

We have seen many ways of using your edible flowers: In salad, in biscuits, in muffins. Did you know you can also crystallise them?

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