Harvest box #8

It is almost the end of September but we still get amazing vegetables growing in the garden.

Courgettes come is all size and shape, it is sometimes hard to know what to do with them: spagetti, soup, cream? Here is another idea: Tomato and courgette gratin maybe with some parsley.

When you don’t know what to do with your parsley, try a persillade. It is a mixture with garlic, parsley and oil mixed all together. It can be use for marinating your food, stir fry and more. Tip: make it in batch and freeze it using a ice cube tray.

Black radish is so unusual and so it this recipe: black radish chips. Don’t forget to keep the leaves for a soup.

Tomatillos have an interesting taste, nothing like tomatoes. You can eat them raw, roasted, cooked, in a sauce ect. So many options!

Scented geranium is perfect to make potpourri or to dry and enjoy as a tea.

Chard is high in antioxidant and can be made into a soup. Herb, Chard and feta soup sounds interesting! Use your potatoes and parsley as well!

Crystal lemon cucumbers are so amazing! Here is how to enjoy them.

Add some chopped fennel to your butter for a flavoured fennel spread

Herbal tea for migraine, insect repellent, pot-pourri: Feverfew does it all.

Published by Nadegegrows

Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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