Harvest box 2022 #3 – Recipe ideas

This week’s harvest box contains a few new things!

  • Californian poppy (bright orange flowers) are so colourful ! Their petals can be used in salad or included in dessert recipes like this Calendula or Californian poppy and thyme shortbread
  • One broad bean! It is not much indeed but we wanted to share with you our first harvest. Remove from the pod and eat raw. Enjoy your feast !
  • Alyssum (small white flowers) can be added to your salad or included in cookies
  • Green cabbage leaves perfect for a soup ! They are also used for lower the pain of mastitis (breastfeeding complications).
  • Black currant leaves have a strong smell and you can turn them into a tea or make a juice out of it

You can make yourself a fresh salad using the lettuce, rocket, mizuna, and claytonia (which might be the last harvest!). Wild garlic flowers can be added to your salad or in the vinaigrette. If you fancy baking you include chives and wild garlic flowers into your scones or in the spread that goes with it !

Lovage has a strong smell but is very versatile. so what would you go for? Lovage tea, Lemon and lovage roasted chicken or a creamy lovage soup? Too much to chose from!

It has been warmer the past few days. Treat yourself with a rhubarb cordial!

Chard can be used it many ways but this Feta, chard and spinach filo pie recipe sounds particularly good!

Don’t forget to enjoy your cup mint tea while looking at the recipes 🙂

Next Harvest box: 6/06 (June already!), order by email on the Sunday 5th (ndmaxinfo@gmail.com)


Plant swap, 28th of May. 11am-1pm – FREE in the Garden

Big Lunch, 2nd of June. 3-5pm – FREE in the Park. Bring your picnic!

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