Harvest box #4 – June has arrived!

Nice combo to make a pizza: rocket and oregano. You can even top up with some edible flowers. Chives flowers will add a lovely oniony flavour.

Lavender has so many properties that is hard to chose what to use it for: Making infused oil for a nice massage ? Including it in your cleaning routine? Drying it and placing it in your room for a better sleep? The decision is yours!

The roses in the garden smell amazing! You can keep yours in a vase with a bit of water or crystallise them … Looking very nice on cakes.

Talking about flowers, calendula petals and alyssum (whole flowers) are perfect to decorate your dishes. If you chose to make yourself a colourful salad, add radishes! To fully enjoy them you can also learn how to make radish flowers! Bulgur salad is also a great option to use your greens.

Green cabbage leaves will be a good boost in your soup (don’t forget to add the radish leaves as well, no waste!). If you want something different, try this spring green recipe with yogurt, garlic and chili.

As usual, you have your fennel, perfect for a digestion tea or to use in cooking. This fish and fennel tray bake seems lovely!

If you like to smell of lovage but don’t want to use it all now, you can make a lovage salt to add it to your cooking whenever you want to! If you are sweet tooth, try to lovage and apple chutney.

Apple mint can be used the same ways as other mints: fresh in cold drink, cocktails, as a tea or in cooking. Its texture is a a bit different but still pleasant!

Finally Chard are perfect for a smoothie! We have tried it at Everyone’s kitchen and it was good!

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. Always wash your ingredients before using.


Next Plant Swap 18th, June from 11am-1pm. Free

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Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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