Harvest box #6 – Green, green and more green!

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. All produce are pesticide free and may contain some intruders. 🐌Always wash your veg before using.

NEXT HARVEST BOX 4/07 (orders on the 3/07)

In one of the brown bag you have some lovely rocket ! It is not too strong so it would be lovely for a salad but you can also turn it into a pesto. if you go with the salad option, remove broad beans pods and add the raw beans to your summery dish.

The pods are edible! Clean them, chop finely and fry! Prepare them with the spring cabbage leaves. What would you go for: buttered beans – With pancetta or bacon – With chilli garlic and soy ?

Rosemary and sage, in the other bag, are very versatile plants and bring much flavours to your dishes. Rosemary can be used to roast some root vegetables and sage will be a perfect buddy to mushroom when making soup or risotto. (Sage can be purple or green depending on the variety).

If you chose to make the soup, that’s a good excuse to throw the radish leaves in it!

Radishes are usually eaten raw but you can experiment by pickling them!

The herbal teas are feverfew and raspberry leaves. Feverfew has a potent smell and flowers and leaves are used in herbal medicine. It helps reducing migraines. Raspberry leaves should be combine with other herbal tea as it is quite flavour less. It is the women’s remedy for menstrual cramps.

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium (a thousand leaves), was used to stop bleeding. It has many use for reducing fever, cold, help the blood circulation and more. A good thing to remember if you are in the wild and have a nose bleed but no tissue, is to use one of the leaves to stop the bleeding! Quite magical.

Turn your lavender in infused oil and use it to make lip balms, bath bombs, lotions, creams, and soap.

Coriander smells so strong and nice! use it in your dressing, rice, curry. Anywhere really!

Even if it is getting a bit warm, nothing beats a lettuce, pea an mint soup, don’t forget to add an onion in it!

A few eggs, a bit of cream, fresh chard and that’s you sorted for tonight’s meal! Try this quiche recipe or this omelette one

Edible flowers

Sweet/ Decoration; Calendula, Snap dragon, Alyssum (purple or white), Corn flower

Savoury: Rocket flowers, Corn flower

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