Harvest box #8 – Tomatoes are ready!

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. All produce are pesticide free and may contain some intruders. 

Always wash your veg before eating them🐌

Not all boxes are similar. You might found:

  • Half a marrow : You can include then in your pasta sauce or make courgette/marrow fritters
  • Half red or white cabbage: perfect for a homemade coleslaw !
  • Radishes and broad beans: Eat raw in a salad to add crunchiness. Keep the radish leaves for a soup or pesto and fry your broad beans pods. Everything is edible !
  • Parsnip: Roast it with your potatoes !
  • Beetroot: Grate your beetroot to add colour to your salad or roast it with your potatoes
  • Runner and French beans: buttery garlic green beans perfect as a side dish !

The tomatoes are ready and the polytunnel is smelling amazing ! it will go perfectly with your lettuce and rocket. Nasturtium petals can be added it for a peppery taste. You can also make a pesto.

Try calendula petals in salads, salsas, scrambled eggs, quiche, and frittatas. The yellow and orange confetti adds merriment and festivity to any dish. Add the petals to herbal compound butters with other edible blooms, such as chives. The chives you have in your box are past their prime but still very tasty. remove any bit that is dry or dead, and enjoy the rest!

Berries of the week are: wild strawberries, raspberries, red currant, tayberries perfect for your porridges, yogurt or to put in muffin

Vine grape leaves are ideal to make dolmades !

Yarrow can also be taken as a tea to help fight colds and fevers, and to help detoxify the body. It can be chewed fresh or dry to relieve toothache and can be infused in oil or extracted in alcohol to make solutions that can be rubbed on the body to relieve bruises, burns, rashes and bug bites.

We know lavender as many calming properties. But did you know you could make a blackberry lavender cake? That sounds very yummy. You can even use the rose for a botanical cake decoration.

Sage, potato and rosemary are a good combinason to a warm roasted vegetables dish.

you chard can be added to bacon with a bit of sauce!

Please send us pictures on fb or by email of the dishes you make your box! Thank you ☺️

Next harvest box 15/08 (order on the 14/08)

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