Damson and Victoria plums are delicious! – Harvest b0x #10

Note: Not all boxes are the same

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. All produce are pesticide free and may contain some intruders. 

Plums from the garden are delicious and sweet. You can easily eat them as they are. If you fancy doing some baking, why not trying an Easy Plum Cobber or even oat and plum muffins?

Rhubarb is abundant in the garden, it seems to never stop. Make a refreshing rhubarb cordial to serve make your dessert even more special !

Apples are not the best looking as some got damaged by the weather or beasties. Open before eating and include in a dessert like a quick and yummy compote!

For your herbs this week, you will find:

  • Basil: perfect for pesto or in a Greek salad or use in a fresh spring roll with your mint!
  • Rosemary (to roast your potatoes and other root veg you might have in your box. Use your courgette to make a comforting courgette and rosemary soup. If you chose to make a soup, use your celery to give it extra flavour.
  • Chives: many ways to use your chives (salad dressing, on fish, with scones, with butter)… This chive mayo recipe looks interesting and is perfect to eat your runner beans with.
  • Fennel flowers: They can be used to add flavour to your salad. But did you know you can use them to pickle cucumber as well ?
  • mint: Enjoy a lovely tea

For your summery salad you will find rocket, mixed salad leaves, nasturtium (leaves and flowers), chive flowers, tomatoes.

Eaten raw, chicory can be quite strong. Best is to roast it!. In case you grow chicory and it is bolting, no problem the flowers are gorgeous!

Use your leek and potatoes to make a sausage and leek mash pie!

You can grate carrot, beetroot to included in your salad. If you are lucky to had radish in your box, they can be added to !

Please note that radish, carrot and beetroot tops are edible ! Add to a pesto, soup or sautéed with some fennel.

Green chili have been used a lot at the cooking group to make pilau rice. Blend with garlic and ginger and it will give your ice an amazing taste!

Artichoke is quite an usual, but what a beauty! You can eat it boiled and eat the leaves, one a at the time, with some salad dressing. You have 3 parts; the leaves from which you will scrap the edible part), the choke ( inedible fuzzy part which you will remove with a spoon or knife), the heart (delicious!). More info on how to eat it here.

Next harvest box: 12/09 order on Sunday 11/09

Please send pictures of your dish at ndmaxinfo@gmail.com. Why? Every pictures, feedback will support us for future funding application towards Maxwell centre’s projects.

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