Tree spinach and pears are in your harvest box! – Harvest box #11

Note: Not all boxes are the same

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. All produce are pesticide free and may contain some intruders. 

This week, you have 2 types of posy: herbal to add flavour to your meal and medicinal boost your body naturally. But most herbs can also be used for their medicinal properties.

Herbal posy: Parsley, oregano, chive, basil, dill. They can all be can be added to a fresh tomato and feta salad.

Medicinal posy: Calendula, feverfew, fennel, lavender, chicory flower, yarrow. What are they good for? Lavender is know for its calming properties, Feverfew for reducing headache pain, Fennel to support digestion, Chicory flowers to use as a tonic and appetite stimulant, Calendula is good for the skin and rashes, Yarrow helps wound cicatrisation, Raspberry leaves helps with menstrual cramps. All plants have more properties. Some shouldn’t be used if you are a child, elderly or pregnant. Please double check before using depending of your circumstances.

Is it lovely fruit harvest at this time of the year. Enjoy your plumbs and apples fresh or cooked in as a cobber! If you have a pear, enjoy it as it is.

  • Pear variety: hardy beurre
  • Apple variety: Bramble (big one, cooking apple), discovery, crab, Dark’s late delicious, Liddell’s seedling, Hoods supreme
  • Plum variety: Victoria

In the polytunnel, we have plenty tomatoes, lemon crystal cucumber and green chili pepper. You can make a fresh mixed leaves salad with your lettuce, rocket, mizuna

Use up your white and purple potatoes and celery to make a kale soup! If you have sprouted broccoli in your box try this broccoli and kale soup. Toast some bread and spread your homemade lovage butter.

Chard is pretty versatile and can be used instead of spinach in many dishes. This salmon and chard pie seems really nice as well as Roast squash, feta and chard börek

runner beans are usually boiled, stimmed or included in soups like minestrone. But have you ever tried it in a pie? This runner bean and ricotta pie recipe is quite intriguing!

Boil them, roast them, grate them ! So many option to use a beetroot. If you want to add colours to your meal, turn it into a heathy hummus.

Keep the leaves to throw in the soup and roast your radishes !

Finally, our tree spinach. It looks like a magical plant with pink powder on the lower part. Cook it as your regular spinach!

Thank you to Bethan for helping with the boxes !

Next harvest box: Monday 26th, September. Order on Sunday 25th.

Please, send pictures of your meals or recipes you are using ! Thank you.


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