Autumn is here – Harvest box #12

Your bouquet this week is green and white! Rosemary and be dried or added to your meat. Mint will make a comforting cup of tea. Alyssum has a honey like scent and will be great addition to salad or cake. Finally Yarrow and Feverfew will be a good herbal tea.

With your brassica leaves (kale or broccoli), you can stir fry them, or include them in a soup now that autumn has arrived! Chuck in your tender stem broccoli is you have some in your box!

For your salad, you have a lovely collection of tomatoes, mixed salad leaves (rocket, tree spinach, lettuce and nasturtium), and you can grate your beetroot and radish. Tree spinach has natural glitter under the younger leaves. So pretty and fascinating.

Keep the radish and beetroot top to make a quiche using the chard too.

The highlight of this week’s box is clearly the grapes! Only eat the purple ones and enjoy outdoor grown grape, from the garden.

Runner bean can be boiled and eaten with mayonnaise or olive oil!

So many apples in the garden! Some of them are a bit bruised but we didn’t want to waste them. They will be great for making a compote. you also have one or two plums (gage)

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Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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