Last harvest box of the season #15

This year, we started the harvest box on 25th, April and made 136 veg boxes over the season! In this box you will find our last potatoes, apples, tomatoes and runner beans!

You have a nice amount of coriander in your box this week. Try a carrot and coriander soup or maybe a curry using your green leaves and potatoes (broccoli leaves, chard). If you go for the soup, throw in the radish leaves and your celery!

For your salad, enjoy some lettuce, edible flowers, raw radishes, rocket, nasturtium leaves and tomatoes.

The sprouting broccoli is growing very well on the kid’s plots! Well done. Enjoy this pasta with broccoli recipe.

Although there is no much lovage in your box, the smell is very strong and will be perfect to make a “flavoured butter” to spread on toast, scones, etc.

For desert, you have some grapes or apples (maybe a giant pear too but it is not ripe yet).

Herbal tea this week is Melissa, lovely after a homemade meal.

Thank you for supporting the MAXwell Centre!

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Published by Nadegegrows

Garden Assistant/Tend and Share project worker

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