First Wee Harvest Box ! #1

Note: Not all boxes are identical

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. All produce are pesticide free and may contain some intruders 🐌

These edible flowers are grown without pesticide. Do not consume flowers from florists, garden centres or shops as they might have been sprayed,

Your edible flowers represent Spring ! Use the tulip (petal only) as a scoop to put chocolate mousse or spreadable cheese. You can even add chives, lovage, wild garlic or fennel to your spread. It is delicious! The yellow flower of the cowslip will be a lovely touch to your salad or biscuits. They have a citrus taste. Primrose leaves can be added to your pesto, soup or just in a salad. The flowers will bring amazing colours to your meals. Have you ever tried to make spring rolls? The forget-me-not flowers, blue or pink, will perfectly decorate your cakes.

You will find a variety of vegetables in your box: leeks, chard, spinach, curly kale!

With a cold weather like today, a green soup sounds ideal. Use your celery and all all the greens including the wild garlic if you still have it ! Throw in the thyme for a warming touch. Or for something different, try a Saag Paneer which is a creamy leafy greens-based dish originating from the Indian subcontinent.

Wild garlic is also a great ingredient to put in some cheese scones!

There are many ways to eat spinach or chard. We have tried a Spanish style spinach/chard dish with chickpea and it was delicious !

Sweet Cicely leaves are usually cooked with rhubarb to make a delicious crumble.

The lovage from your box has quite a strong smell, easy to recognise. For most people it is “you like or you hate it”! But the good news is that you can prepare it in many ways: fried, in a soup, in a drink or even candied. Another herbs easy to recognise with its smell and leaf shape is fennel. These recipes seem very tempting: pesto crouton with fennel or fennel/banana and pineapple smoothie. If you are choosing something less adventurous, try a nice salad and don’t forget to through in your claytonia leaves and flowers.

In one of your paper bags you will find a lovely herbal tea: Raspberry leaves, Lavender leaves ,Yarrow leaves and Melissa. You can drink them all together or individually. Other herbs in your box you can use as herbal tea are fennel, thyme and lovage.

We have also added a small strawberry plant!

Send us some pictures of the meals you are making at

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