Harvest box #6 – Green, green and more green!

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. All produce are pesticide free and may contain some intruders. 🐌Always wash your veg before using. NEXT HARVEST BOX 4/07 (orders on the 3/07) In one of theContinue reading “Harvest box #6 – Green, green and more green!”

French touch in the kitchen – Everyone’s kitchen

Menu  Pissaladière (onion tart) served with Niçoise salad Quick Madeleine Harvest of the day For the pissaladière: thyme, chives flowers For the salad: chives, parsley, calendula petals, broad beans, radish Madeleine: calendula petals, rose petals Pissaladière (onion and anchovy tart) (x4) Ingredients Onions, 6 sliced  Olive oil, 4 tbsp Black olives, 1 jar Thyme, 1Continue reading “French touch in the kitchen – Everyone’s kitchen”

Bulgur salad with wraps & Chocolate pudding with crystallised rose petal – Everyone’s kitchen

Bulgur salad with roasted sweet potato and wraps  Chocolate pudding (with secret ingredient)  & Crystallised rose petals  Harvest of the day For the bulgur: mint, chives, parsley, red onion For the wrap: rocket, lettuce, calendula and Californian poppy flowers For the crystallised petals: rose  Bulgur salad Ingredients 2 sweet potatoes 1 teaspoon ground cumin 5Continue reading “Bulgur salad with wraps & Chocolate pudding with crystallised rose petal – Everyone’s kitchen”

Harvest box #4 – June has arrived!

Nice combo to make a pizza: rocket and oregano. You can even top up with some edible flowers. Chives flowers will add a lovely oniony flavour. Lavender has so many properties that is hard to chose what to use it for: Making infused oil for a nice massage ? Including it in your cleaning routine?Continue reading “Harvest box #4 – June has arrived!”

Can you smell Razia’s delight? -Everyone’s kitchen

Menu Pilau Rice with Mung daal with Tuna Kabab Apple turnovers  Harvest of the day: coriander, chives, bay leaves Pilau Rice with Mung daal Ingredients Rice 500g Mung daal 250g 1 medium onion 1 cup of butter  Ginger/ garlic paste 1 teaspoon each. Bay leaves 2 Cinamon small pieces  Cardamom 4 Cloves 4/5 Method First,Continue reading “Can you smell Razia’s delight? -Everyone’s kitchen”

Everyone’s kitchen  24/05

Menu Green soup  Stuffed currant leaves Calendula and thyme shortbread Herb, chard and feta soup (4 serving) Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large onion, coarsely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 pound Swiss chard leaves 3 1/2 cups vegetable broth 1 cup coarsely chopped flat-leaf parsley 1 /2 cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro 1/4Continue reading Everyone’s kitchen  24/05

Harvest box 2022 #3 – Recipe ideas

This week’s harvest box contains a few new things! Californian poppy (bright orange flowers) are so colourful ! Their petals can be used in salad or included in dessert recipes like this Calendula or Californian poppy and thyme shortbread One broad bean! It is not much indeed but we wanted to share with you ourContinue reading “Harvest box 2022 #3 – Recipe ideas”

Ula’s delight : Lentil soup, potato pancake and waffle – Everyone’s kitchen

Potato pancake with side salad Lentil soup Waffle Harvest of the day Side salad: rocket, lettuce, claytonia Potato pancake: chives Lentil soup: lovage, parsley Potato pancake (12/15 pancakes) Ingredients 250g cold mashed potato , or 2 medium-size floury potatoes, cut into chunks 75g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 2 eggs 125ml milk 1 roundedContinue reading “Ula’s delight : Lentil soup, potato pancake and waffle – Everyone’s kitchen”

Asparagus risotto with tulip petal snack and green smoothie – Everyone’s kitchen

Quick asparagus risotto with tulip petal snack Green smoothie Harvest from the garden For the risotto:  chives, chard, asparagus, parsley Tulip petal snack: tulip petal, chives flower, wild garlic flowers Green smoothie: chard Quick asparagus risotto  Ingredients x2 1 onion 3 cloves garlic 1 small carrot 10 asparagus 1 cup peas, fresh or frozen 250Continue reading “Asparagus risotto with tulip petal snack and green smoothie – Everyone’s kitchen”

Harvest box 2022 #2

Sunflower seeds were donated by a neighbour. This is how to grow them. We don’t know which variety they are, so surprise!! You are a selection of herbal teas, all good for your tommy. Melissa and fennel help with digestion and raspberry leaves (in paper bag) are know to be beneficial for women. Chard isContinue reading “Harvest box 2022 #2”