Harvest box #9

We need to make the most of the last tomatoes of the season. Wash your mixed salad leaves and tomatoes, chopped the chives and enjoy your fresh salad. With this cold weather, what’s best than a soup? Root vegetables soup with some herbs on top is all you need. Use the leeks, potatoes, other vegetablesContinue reading “Harvest box #9”

Quesadillas and courgette cake – Everyone’s kitchen

Menu of the dayQuesadilla with side saladCourgette cake Harvest of the dayFor the Quesadilla: Chives, coriander, parsley, tomatoesFor the side salad: Tomatoes, lettuces, rocketFor the courgette loaf: courgettes Quesadillas with side salad IngredientsLarge flour tortillasGrated cheese Olive oil or butterFilling we’ve chosen: Avocado with soya sauce Chopped pepper Chopped coriander, parsley and chives Cooked mushroomContinue reading “Quesadillas and courgette cake – Everyone’s kitchen”

Egyptian courgette with dukkah sprinkle & Meringue – Everyone’s kitchen

It was great to share the meal with some of the volunteers, and in the sun! Makes the day even more special ­čÖé Menu of the dayEgyptian courgette with dukkah sprinkleMeringue Harvest of the dayCourgetteCoriander, parsleyTomatoesRunner beansEdible flowers for the meringue Egyptian courgettes with dukkah sprinkle Ingredients1 tbsp rapeseed oil2 onions , halved and sliced2Continue reading “Egyptian courgette with dukkah sprinkle & Meringue – Everyone’s kitchen”

Nachos on the grill with guacamole, roasted fruits with rhubarb cordial – Everyone’s kitchen

Even if we can now cook in the kitchen we couldn’t resist to have a BBQ in the garden. Menu  Nachos with homemade guacamole and side salad Roasted fruit skewers with rhubarb cordial  Harvest of the day Side salad: lettuce, tomatoes, rocket, chives flowers, edible flowers Guacamole: tomatoes, coriander Salsa for nachos: coriander, parsley Cordial:Continue reading “Nachos on the grill with guacamole, roasted fruits with rhubarb cordial – Everyone’s kitchen”

Mini pizza and berry clafoutis – Everyone’s kitchen

Menu  Small pizza with side salad Berry clafoutis Harvest of the day Pizza: Courgette, parsley, edibles flowers, coriander, thyme or oregano For the side salad: tomato, chives, rocket, lettuce Pesto: rocket Cake: Currants Pizza dough  Ingredients: for 8 small pizzas 450g white bread flour 7g sachet yeast 2 tbsp olive oil 300ml warm water MethodContinue reading “Mini pizza and berry clafoutis – Everyone’s kitchen”

Olive and sundried tomato cake & Fry cemetery – Everyone’s kitchen

Menu Savoury olive and sundried tomato cake served with side salad Fly cemetery┬á Harvest of the day Side salad: broad beans, lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, edible flowers Olive and sundried tomato cake: thyme and oregano Vinaigrette: chives, parsley Fly cemetery: red and black currants Savoury olive cake with sundried tomatoes, and cheese Ingredients 180g all-purpose flourContinue reading “Olive and sundried tomato cake & Fry cemetery – Everyone’s kitchen”

Harvest box #7 – Recipe ideas

Lots of different kind of legumes in this box: Yellow beans, runner beans, broad beans and peas. The yellow beans have been grown by the kids and harvested by Jessica! Well done. For the first time this year, your harvest box has yellow beans! Nice recipe with dill and parsley: yellow beans with dill andContinue reading “Harvest box #7 – Recipe ideas”

Quick ratatouille and no bake dessert in jar – Everyone’s kitchen

On the Menu this week Quick ratatouille served with riceNo bake dessert in a jar We had an indoor cooking session due to the weather. But we still managed to wander in the garden for harvesting! For the ratatouille: fennel leaves, pepper, courgette, basil, bay leaves, garlic, oregano, parsleyFor the dessert: raspberry, red currant, rhubarb,Continue reading “Quick ratatouille and no bake dessert in jar – Everyone’s kitchen”

Harvest box #6- recipe ideas

What a pleasure to have The Beechgrove garden filming at the Centre today! Novelty in your boxes: gooseberry and potatoes! For a change, use your rocket to make a yummy pesto to spread on a bruschetta or on your pasta! Try the tomato basil Gnocchi soup! Use the sweet basil, potato and enjoy this unusualContinue reading “Harvest box #6- recipe ideas”