Energy balls and ginger cordial – Everyone’s kitchen

We have chosen 2 recipes for our weekly session: Peanut energy balls Turmeric anti-inflammatory ball (from handmade apothecary) A punchy ginger cordial! That gave us a great energy boost, perfect for the colder season.

Harvest box #10

Broccoli leaves avec just a nice colour and they are massive! they can be added to a soup or made into a skillet dinner. Use your tasty cherry tomatoes for bake a savoury muffins: bacon, cheese and tomato muffins! Throw some chives in it for more taste and colour! Sautéed with more vegetables, turned intoContinue reading “Harvest box #10”

Everyone’s kitchen – Pancakes and hot chocolate

It was Snack O’Clock yesterday for Everyone’s kitchen!We’ve made pancakes and hot chocolate 🥞🍫Our toppings were :apple and pear compote, chocolate sauce with edible flowers, raspberries, bananas… Well for some of us, we had more toppings than pancakes heheThank you for a great time and for harvesting yummy fruits from the garden. 🤗

Harvest box #9

We need to make the most of the last tomatoes of the season. Wash your mixed salad leaves and tomatoes, chopped the chives and enjoy your fresh salad. With this cold weather, what’s best than a soup? Root vegetables soup with some herbs on top is all you need. Use the leeks, potatoes, other vegetablesContinue reading “Harvest box #9”

Quesadillas and courgette cake – Everyone’s kitchen

Menu of the dayQuesadilla with side saladCourgette cake Harvest of the dayFor the Quesadilla: Chives, coriander, parsley, tomatoesFor the side salad: Tomatoes, lettuces, rocketFor the courgette loaf: courgettes Quesadillas with side salad IngredientsLarge flour tortillasGrated cheese Olive oil or butterFilling we’ve chosen: Avocado with soya sauce Chopped pepper Chopped coriander, parsley and chives Cooked mushroomContinue reading “Quesadillas and courgette cake – Everyone’s kitchen”

Connecting communities with nature: resources

Manuela ran a short workshop last week in collaboration with the Scottish Eden Project Communities on Re-connecting our communities with nature. Here are some of the resources she shared: 1.NATURE FEELS GOOD/ CONECTEDNESS TO NATURE Online nature conectedness test Nature connectedness has been researched since the 2000s, it measures our emotional relationship with nature. ThisContinue reading “Connecting communities with nature: resources”

10 tips for facilitating community groups

By Manuela de los Rios, Garden Mentor at the MAXwell Community Garden I’ve been working for and as part of community groups for over 20 years. I’ve learnt very much on my way from so many different people. I’ve had some successes and of course, I have made plenty of mistakes. I’d like to shareContinue reading “10 tips for facilitating community groups”