Harvest box #11 – Last box for of the season

This is the last harvest box of the season. It was great to be able to share vegetables grown by our volunteers with you. More to come in 2022! Radicchio, also called the Italian lettuce, can be roasted or used fresh in a salad. So many options to prepare it from “Smoked mackerel loaded leaves”Continue reading “Harvest box #11 – Last box for of the season”

Harvest box #10

Broccoli leaves avec just a nice colour and they are massive! they can be added to a soup or made into a skillet dinner. Use your tasty cherry tomatoes for bake a savoury muffins: bacon, cheese and tomato muffins! Throw some chives in it for more taste and colour! Sautéed with more vegetables, turned intoContinue reading “Harvest box #10”

Harvest box #9

We need to make the most of the last tomatoes of the season. Wash your mixed salad leaves and tomatoes, chopped the chives and enjoy your fresh salad. With this cold weather, what’s best than a soup? Root vegetables soup with some herbs on top is all you need. Use the leeks, potatoes, other vegetablesContinue reading “Harvest box #9”

Mini pizza and berry clafoutis – Everyone’s kitchen

Menu  Small pizza with side salad Berry clafoutis Harvest of the day Pizza: Courgette, parsley, edibles flowers, coriander, thyme or oregano For the side salad: tomato, chives, rocket, lettuce Pesto: rocket Cake: Currants Pizza dough  Ingredients: for 8 small pizzas 450g white bread flour 7g sachet yeast 2 tbsp olive oil 300ml warm water MethodContinue reading “Mini pizza and berry clafoutis – Everyone’s kitchen”

Harvest box #6- recipe ideas

What a pleasure to have The Beechgrove garden filming at the Centre today! Novelty in your boxes: gooseberry and potatoes! For a change, use your rocket to make a yummy pesto to spread on a bruschetta or on your pasta! Try the tomato basil Gnocchi soup! Use the sweet basil, potato and enjoy this unusualContinue reading “Harvest box #6- recipe ideas”

Sweet potato gnocchi with tomato sauce, and beetroot brownie! – Everyone’s kitchen

What a day! Despite the rain and the wind, the chef from Everyone’s kitchen came along to the cooking group to harvest, make and share a lovely lunch. On the menu this week: Sweet potato gnocchi with tomato and broccoli sauce Beetroot brownie with a red berry (from the garden!) coulis We harvested: Lettuce, rocket,Continue reading “Sweet potato gnocchi with tomato sauce, and beetroot brownie! – Everyone’s kitchen”

Leeks and greens Lasagna and red berry smoothie! – Everyone’s kitchen

So many green vegetables harvested today for today’s lunch! We also enjoyed some Chocolate mint tea from the garden and a lovely pickled beetroot juice made by Ula (who is also our photographer)! Leeks and greens lasagna served with side salad Red berry smoothie (harvested last year!) Harvest of the dayKale, chard, spinach, leeks, beetrootContinue reading “Leeks and greens Lasagna and red berry smoothie! – Everyone’s kitchen”

Nettle and wild garlic soup, and Rhubarb puffs with oaty toppings! – Everyone’s kitchen

After a few weeks of cooking from home, we were finally able to meet safely in the garden, harvest many greens and rhubarb, and enjoy a warm, homemade and yummy lunch by the barbeque! What’s not to like? On the Menu today: Nettle soup with wild garlic Rhubarb puffs with oaty toppings We have harvestedContinue reading “Nettle and wild garlic soup, and Rhubarb puffs with oaty toppings! – Everyone’s kitchen”

Make a recycled self-watering pot

We are delighted that this experiment worked so well. We made some SELF WATERING POTS which are great to start off some seeds on your window sills. Here is how to make them: Materials: *Empty used plastic bottle *Short piece of string *Craft knife or scissors *Something to make hole in bottle lid (I usedContinue reading “Make a recycled self-watering pot”