Treat yourself with a chili sin carne and some cookies! – Everyone’s kitchen #6

Two months already that we have started Everyone’s kitchen from home! It is always amazing to see that one recipe lead to different preparations: More vegetables, less salt, more spices… And this recipe become your own! Even if we can’t get together for now, we are delighted to share with you those creations! Thank youContinue reading “Treat yourself with a chili sin carne and some cookies! – Everyone’s kitchen #6”

Everyone’s kitchen from home #5 – Broth soup and the famous banana bread

Are you planning on emptying your fridge and getting rid of spoiled bananas? Stop! This menu is for you. Broth soup and banana bread Why do we love this soup? Easy Full of vegetables Filling Can make big quantities and have leftover Low cost Broth soup Ingredient (x6) Cost per serving £0.30 200 g broth mixContinue reading “Everyone’s kitchen from home #5 – Broth soup and the famous banana bread”

Hardwood cuttings- Roll technique – Redcurrant bush

#Video below Late autumn to winter is the perfect time to take hardwood cuttings as the plant is dormant. If you are pruning your favourite bush or tree, why not taking the advantage to get healthy cuttings and propagate them? Tips First of all, when taking your cuttings make sure your mother plant is healthyContinue reading “Hardwood cuttings- Roll technique – Redcurrant bush”

Make your own coconut lip balm

Pampering yourself for pennies by Tess Schulze The weather has been miserable for the last few weeks; cold, snowy, and rainy. When it gets like this, my lips tend to get really dry and chapped and I won’t leave my home without some kind of lip balm on hand. I can’t stand the stinging feelingContinue reading “Make your own coconut lip balm”

Potato : the star of your kitchen

Of course you can do many things with potatoes. Baked, roasted, puree, stirred fry etc But it is also a great beauty product thanks to its lifting properties, you can make a snack with the leftovers and finally some DIY stamps and glue. Looking for some glue? Everything is ready but you can’t find anyContinue reading “Potato : the star of your kitchen”

Children’s design competition for the Hilltown Park

Deadline 8th of March 2021 Show us how you would transform the Hilltown park into your dream park. For some of you, it may be about building your own special space with big blocks to hang out with your friends, for others it may be a beautiful ice cream van or a special kids cafeContinue reading “Children’s design competition for the Hilltown Park”

Everyone’s kitchen from home #3 – Carrot and coriander soup and Scones

#Download recipe below Another week, another cooking session from home! Over the past few months, in 2020, we have been cooking outside in the garden using the barbeque. Well this week we are very happy to cook in a cosy environment! A warm meal was needed! As usual, thank you so much for sharing yourContinue reading “Everyone’s kitchen from home #3 – Carrot and coriander soup and Scones”

Overnight oats – choose your topping!

by Tess Schulze This recipe is super easy and versatile – you can probably make it right now with whatever you have in your kitchen and have breakfast sorted for the week! It takes a few minutes to combine your desired ingredients to make an affordable and healthy breakfast. Oats are an absolute staple inContinue reading “Overnight oats – choose your topping!”

Wonderful winter trail success and thank you to all involved!

It was a joy to hear the squeals of excitement and see so many local families doing our Wonderful Winter Trail. A joint project between How it Felt and the Maxwell Centre, we want to emphasize how grateful we are to the artists who did an amazing job running the workshops, finishing off the animalsContinue reading “Wonderful winter trail success and thank you to all involved!”

Everyone’s kitchen from home – Shepherd’s pie and French toast!

#Recipes to download below Everyone’s kitchen, the adult cooking group can’t meet for the moment BUT it doesn’t mean we have to stop cooking and sharing recipes with you. As usual, it is a vegetarian menu using herbs from the garden! The participants received the main ingredients along with a few recipes! So, on topContinue reading “Everyone’s kitchen from home – Shepherd’s pie and French toast!”