Christmas wreath, gingerbread biscuit and roasted chestnut – Everyone’s kitchen

Everyone’s kitchen: pre-Christmas meal  Christmas wreath  Gingerbread men and roasted chestnut Harvest of the day: Leeks, thyme, broccoli leaves, tomatoes Christmas wreath  For this wreath you will need … leftovers! There is no specific recipe to follow. You will need some puff pastry and imagination. Today we will have a vegetarian base with cheese. WeContinue reading “Christmas wreath, gingerbread biscuit and roasted chestnut – Everyone’s kitchen”

Ideas for easy handmade natural gifts

Tis the season and if you’re anything like me you’ll be dreading the prospect of going out to buy presents for everyone; the stress, the cost, the waste… Here is a list of some nice little ideas I’ve found online to make thoughtful and beautiful gifts yourself and some lovely eco-friendly wrapping ideas too. ManyContinue reading “Ideas for easy handmade natural gifts”

Eco-friendly wreaths and decorations

We have probably helped around 100 people to make their own wreaths or decorations this Christmas 2020, using cuts of trees and plants from our community garden and local Hilltown Park. We’ve had workshops indoors, outdoors, during the day and the night! We also foraged a little from Tentsmuir and the Law, there were manyContinue reading “Eco-friendly wreaths and decorations”

Festive everyone’s kitchen

We had a great harvest for our last cooking group of the year: Brussel sprouts, Jerusalem artichoke, sweet potatoes, mint, rosemary, sage, parsley, celery Appetizer Pea, lemon & mint toast Beetroot & goat cheese toast Starter Chestnut & butternut squash soup Main Vegetarian wellington served with roasted Brussel sprouts, Jerusalem artichoke, sweet potatoes Dessert CheeseContinue reading “Festive everyone’s kitchen”