Harvest box #6 – Green, green and more green!

Remember: When drinking herbal tea or eating edible flowers always check the risks associated with it. Vulnerable people, elderly, children or pregnant women should avoid using some of them. All produce are pesticide free and may contain some intruders. 🐌Always wash your veg before using. NEXT HARVEST BOX 4/07 (orders on the 3/07) In one of theContinue reading “Harvest box #6 – Green, green and more green!”

Harvest box #4 – June has arrived!

Nice combo to make a pizza: rocket and oregano. You can even top up with some edible flowers. Chives flowers will add a lovely oniony flavour. Lavender has so many properties that is hard to chose what to use it for: Making infused oil for a nice massage ? Including it in your cleaning routine?Continue reading “Harvest box #4 – June has arrived!”

Sweet potato and peanut butter quesadilla & Lemon and nettle cake – Everyone’s kitchen

Menu of the day Sweet potato and peanut butter quesadilla Served with a side salad Stinging nettle and lemon cake  Harvest of the day Quesadilla: parsley, chives Side salad: mizuna (purple and green), claytonia, primula leaves, dandelion leaves, lettuce, wild garlic Cake: nettle (take gloves) Sweet potato and peanut butter quesadilla Ingredients 3 medium sweetContinue reading “Sweet potato and peanut butter quesadilla & Lemon and nettle cake – Everyone’s kitchen”

Spanakopita and Pineapple upside-down cake

Spring is here: flowers are blooming, sun is shining and frogs are croaking Spanakopita with side salad from the garden Pineapple upside-down cake Harvest of the day: parsley, lettuce leaves, mizuna, chives, wild garlic Spanakopita (Crispy Greek-style pie) – serves 4 Ingredients 200g bag spinach leaves 175g jar sundried tomato in oil 100g feta cheese,Continue reading “Spanakopita and Pineapple upside-down cake”

Eco-friendly wreaths and decorations

We have probably helped around 100 people to make their own wreaths or decorations this Christmas 2020, using cuts of trees and plants from our community garden and local Hilltown Park. We’ve had workshops indoors, outdoors, during the day and the night! We also foraged a little from Tentsmuir and the Law, there were manyContinue reading “Eco-friendly wreaths and decorations”

Harvest box #6- recipe ideas

What a pleasure to have The Beechgrove garden filming at the Centre today! Novelty in your boxes: gooseberry and potatoes! For a change, use your rocket to make a yummy pesto to spread on a bruschetta or on your pasta! Try the tomato basil Gnocchi soup! Use the sweet basil, potato and enjoy this unusualContinue reading “Harvest box #6- recipe ideas”

Harvest box #5 – recipe ideas

Harvest box is back this week with some novelties! Try a detox smoothie with your coriander and kale! Don’t forget to add your radish leaves, it is never too green! For your salad of the day, you have some lettuce, rocket and rocket flowers. Look how the flowers are delicate! They look like wings! UseContinue reading “Harvest box #5 – recipe ideas”

Harvest box #4 – Recipe ideas

Lots of new things in this week ! Red and black currants, celery flowers, sweet basil, radish leaves and carrots! You will also find an indoor plant: Swedish Ivy (not edible!) Mixed salad leaves & Nasturtium leaves, with broad beans and peas! Perfect for a fresh salad with some cushiness. Did you know ? YouContinue reading “Harvest box #4 – Recipe ideas”

Nettle and wild garlic soup, and Rhubarb puffs with oaty toppings! – Everyone’s kitchen

After a few weeks of cooking from home, we were finally able to meet safely in the garden, harvest many greens and rhubarb, and enjoy a warm, homemade and yummy lunch by the barbeque! What’s not to like? On the Menu today: Nettle soup with wild garlic Rhubarb puffs with oaty toppings We have harvestedContinue reading “Nettle and wild garlic soup, and Rhubarb puffs with oaty toppings! – Everyone’s kitchen”

Spring salad with edible weeds and tiffin – Everyone’s kitchen from home

#Download recipe below Going around the garden to get edible weeds is so satisfying! On top of getting to know how a herb feels, smells and tastes, you get yourself a healthy, free and fresh salad for your lunch. For this salad (mixed with some herbs!), we got: Mizuna, Chives, Dandelion leaves, Chickweed, Hairy bittercress,Continue reading “Spring salad with edible weeds and tiffin – Everyone’s kitchen from home”