Brighten up your day by making a candle

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Children should be supervised at all time for this activity.

For making candles, nothing easier. You will need

  • A container: old packaging cut a the desired size and shape, or a jar, or a tea cup
  • Wax: soya wax, beeswax or old candles
  • Wick: toilet paper leaf twisted VERY tight
  • Smell: natural such as orange zest, dried lavender or rosemary, cloves or with essential oils


  • Melt the wax with a double boiler
  • While it’s melting prepare the wick and your container.
  • Hold the wick in the container and pour the wax around it. It keep the wick straight, place chopstick on both sides. Colour of the wax will quickly change!
  • Decorate and/or add your smell.
  • Let it solidify for a good 15 min
  • Cut the wick shorter if needed.

Important: when you put out the candle, always add a drop of water onto the wick to avoid smoke.

Note: Due to the current restrictions, we do not encourage people to go shopping to realise this activity. Preferably, use what you already have in the house.

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